Well it’s been four long months, but I’ve finally strained the eleventh chapter of Caspian out of my system like it was a friggin’ kidney stone. My goodness, what a cock up. In my defence, I’ve been in the middle of exiting the education system permanently (ie, graduating), but I mean really, four months, what a disaster. In any case, chapter 11 marks something of a leap forwards in attempting to appear professional. You will note, reader, that the tails from word balloons curve seductively instead of accusingly staring at their source with ramrod stiffness. Similarly, I’m now using a font that isn’t an absolute eyesore. I’ve flirted with various typefaces in the past (including Futura of all things, what the hell was I thinking?), and even dabbled in hand lettering (let us never speak of this again), but now I’ve got myself a nice typeface designed specifically for comics lettering from the good folks over at Blambot. I think it represents a rather large improvement.

But enough about that! It’s summer now (it was February when chapter 10 came out, if you can remember that far back), so hopefully (hopefully) I’ll have plentiful time in which to draw cartoon pirates. After all, I’m not in school anymore and don’t have a job! If I’m not doing this, just what in the hell am I doing?

So! I hope you guys enjoy chapter 11 of the comic. Incidentally, if you haven’t been reading them, there’s a new Dresden Codak story arc beginning called Dark Science that looks to be as excellent as Dresden Codak always is, and Tyson Hesse of Boxer Hockey has also graduated and is continuing the story of Team Mekpen. He also just released the first volume of Boxer Hockey strips in book form! Why not check all that out?