Oh my goodness, you guys. Oh my and your goodnesses, and everyone’s goodness. It’s been a while. I’ve mentioned before that my computer was finished, which kept me out of the webcomics game for like, three months. But now my triumphantish return is at hand. I’ve got a new computer, and it is seriously wonderful. Unfortunately all those weeks off left me pretty severely rusty. So! Finally we get to see the tenth chapter, and it is probably the ugliest thing I have ever posted here! Quality, you guys. But now that I’ve got some momentum back, hopefully it’ll all pick right back up again. Expect chapter 11, and the conclusion to this riveting story arc, in one month’s time.

Until then, I haven’t slept in well over thirty hours and haven’t eaten for about ten, and have a train to catch in like, an hour. Almost certainly I will not survive the train ride home. But even though it took ten years off my life to bring this comic to you, it’s still good to be back.

“Cartooning will kill you. It will break your heart.”
-Charles Schulz.