Oh my goodness you guys, it took forever, but chapter 9 is finally, finally here. If you’ve been following the Twitter feed or you know me personally (and between those two I think I covered all of you, and some of you twice), you’ve probably heard about the crippling computer problems I’ve been having lately. It’s the reason this update is so late. Apologies all around, if it means anything. I’m sending my computer off to the tech support guys here at Queen’s to have it looked at, so hopefully soon it will be fixed. Or, even more broken than before. I’m actually making this update from the library is how bad the situation has become, and I had to get pretty creative to overcome some of the restrictions placed on library computers re: downloading and uploading files.

ANYWAY you guys, I really hope you like the newest chapter in the Fantastical Adventures of Caspian the Sea-Devil, and I’ll do my damndest to make sure I can deliver chapter 10 as on-time as possible.