Hello folks, and if you’re just getting here, welcome to the Fantastical Adventures of Caspian the Sea-Devil. You may notice that the earliest newspost here, just down there, is dated April 1, 2008. Well, that’s because until today, for whatever reason, I largely kept the operation to myself, and a few VIPs. But as of today, there’s a bit of meat to the archives, the site looks almost professional, and now the doors are finally open. So have a read, leave a comment if you like, and try to enjoy yourself.

I intend to keep the site updated with a new chapter of the story every month, on or around the 15th whenever possible. So prefaced, if you really want to keep on top of things, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following me on Twitter, since I’ll be updating more than just the comic over the months, and since I may occasionally post a comic a few days early or late. You can do all that stuff by following the appropriate links in the sidebar there.

So! I hope you guys enjoy the comic so far, and are interested enough to return over the countless decades it’s going to take me to labour through to the end of this story. Oh, and if I start slacking off, do me the favour of nagging me about it. I’ll never get anything done otherwise.

So, go take a look around! And thanks for reading.