Hey folks! Look around you, the site is a totally different beast! As promised/threatened, the clunking .pdf files are a thing of the past, exchanged for a much handier one-page-at-a-time viewing system thingy! This version of the site represents a considerable update of the mechanics, from ComicPress 2.1 all the way up to 2.9. The newest ComicPress is truly glorious, lemme tell ya. A super special thanks to Frumph for all his help in making the leap, that guy is a seriously groovy dood.

Anyway, the site should be at like 95% functionality right now, I’m still picking through some stuff in the guts of the site. If you find anything broken about the site, please do leave a comment somewhere or shoot me a message directly. Other than that, enjoy the new site, tell your friends, and come back soon(ish) to see the newest chapter of the comic!

O glorious day!

EDIT: OH! I almost forgot, if you are Blaise and only Blaise you’ll be interested to learn I’ve adopted a more lenient Creative Commons license. I’ve moved from BY-NC-ND to BY-NC-SA, which basically means I now allow derivative works as long as they’re shared alike. This probably means nothing to you! But it is sort of exciting to some people!