Hullo! Welcome to the grand opening of The Fantastical Adventures of Caspian the Sea-Devil. I’m Patrick Lee, the dood who writes and draws the comic! Chances are if you’re reading this already, you probably know me personally, or are only separated from me by like, one degree of separation. This is pretty cool! I guess! Anyway, for those of you who know what’s up (my two fans), the comic has finally arrived, just as I promised! Only, four months late. Still, I’m beating my old record of “promising to make a comic and then never doing it, disappointing everybody”. An improvement! For everybody else, The Fantastical Adventures of Caspian the Sea-Devil (“Caspian” for short) is my attempt to start regularly publishing my own work, here taking the form of a comic about pirates that’s been fermenting in my head for well over two years now. The content’s a bit sparse, and I haven’t quite perfected the art of using the “WordPress” to create functioning websites, but before long this place will be bursting with cast pages and downloads and, if the planets align, a steadily growing archive page. If I can get into the groove, I’d like to update with a full chapter on the first of every month. So far, I’m 1 for 1. Well done, Pat! Keep it up. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the comic, and feel free to email me with any feedback or death threats or whatever! Enjoy.