The Void
Let’s Play Archive: CannibalK9’s Let’s Play, which inspired my love for The Void.
Youtube: Throdax’s LP of the original Russian Tension.
ctrlclick: Joshua Meadows’ article on feminine representation in The Void.
Steam: The Void, available for purchase through Steam.
Rock Paper Shotgun: The RPS article that led many people to The Void.
GameFAQs: ScrawlKnight’s very helpful FAQ for the game.
Oddolatry: The source I used for Voloshin’s Corona Australis cycle.
Ice-Pick Lodge Forums: The still active Ice-Pick Lodge forums for The Void.
Ice-Pick Lodge Forums: The “Ultimate Link Compilation”, which flatteringly leads back here.

The World Ends With You
Let’s Play Archive: Orange Fluffy Sheep’s very informative Let’s Play.
The World Ends With You Wiki: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Persona 3
Let’s Play Archive: Schildkrote’s LP of original flavour Persona 3.
Let’s Play Archive: Feinne’s LP of Persona 3 Portable with the female hero.
Persona 3: Official Design Works: UDON Entertainment’s terrific Persona 3 artbook.

Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
Let’s Play Archive: Dragonatrix’s comprehensive Let’s Play.
Zero Escape Wiki: Exactly what you might suspect.
GameFAQs: NorseFTX’s comprehensive game script.
GameFAQs: Batguus’ flowchart of the game’s various endings.
999 Official Site: Kutaro Uchikoshi’s spoiler heavy Q&A regarding 999. (Click “Answers” if you aren’t taken straight there.)
Gameosaurus: Part One of Gameodactyl’s 999 write up.
Gameosaurus: Part Two of Gameodactyl’s 999 write up.
Gameosaurus: Part Three of Gameodactyl’s 999 write up.
Gameosaurus: Part Four of Gameodactyl’s 999 write up.

Final Fantasy VII
Steam: Buy Final Fantasy VII on Steam.
Youtube: Zashtheman’s commentary-free longplay of FFVII in its entirety.
Youtube: NEroNeRoNerON’s “100 things you didn’t know about FFVII”
GameFAQs: TFergusson’s FAQ on the game’s date mechanics.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Ni No Kuni Wiki: You’ll never guess. Go on, guess.
Wikipedia: The Wiki article for Campbell’s Monomyth, the source of my own Hero’s Journey image.