Well, okay, no, this is not about Game Theory, the mathematical study of decision making. It’s also not associated with the ScrewAttack adjacent webseries Game Theory either, although they do good work. While I’m at it, this is not the Roots album Game Theory, although I’d say that’s one of their best albums (probably second best overall after Things Fall Apart, even if my favourite album of theirs will probably always be Do You Want More?!!!??!) Also, the California based power pop band Game Theory? Yeah, this ain’t that.

This Game Theory is an essay series dedicated to theories about games. Specifically, video games. Gaming is a young medium, and is just hitting its stride as a means for artistic and creative expression. Games journalism and games criticism are both even younger than the medium they cover, and have even less defined voices. Game Theory is my attempt to participate in the shaping of games discussion and the development of the tone surrounding games criticism. It’s my attempt to treat games criticism like an extension of film or literary criticism, and take for granted the idea that games are as academically robust as any older or more entrenched artistic medium. I think games are capable of exactly the sorts of depth that has already been achieved on the page and on the silver screen, but that they access and generate that depth through mechanisms completely unheard of until about fifty years ago, and so every voice that helps people to understand the language and potential of gaming is going to be valuable to some degree. I think games get a bad rap as colourful distractions for children or violent fantasies for dangerous nutcases, and I want to demonstrate that games are capable of delivering the sorts of beauty and honesty that we expect from any other storytelling medium.

Or, in other words, this is my overly self-important blog about video games.

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Patrick Lee is the sometime author and illustrator of The Fantastical Adventures of Caspian the Sea-Devil, and can be found around the internet under the name caspiancomic. He is an aspiring cartoonist, game designer, and deranged millionaire. When he is rich he intends to wear a velvet suit every day and live in a glass pyramid suspended above the city by zeppelins shaped like question marks. His Top 5 Favourite games are:

1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
2. Suikoden II
3. Bastion
4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
5. Shining Force II or Metal Gear Solid, depending on mood.